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Syrah Rosé

IGP Pays d’Oc

A fine, fresh wine. Crushed strawberry pink colour and shiny. The first nose is clean and fruity, dominated by aromas of strawberry and cherry. In the mouth, the attack is slightly beady with aromas of Morello cherry. The roundness in the mouth is balanced by an acidic finish, which allows the wine to keep its freshness. Our recommendation: summer wine par excellence.

Soil :

Limestone slopes formed during the Mesozoic era.

Grape varieties :

100% Syrah

Vinification :

The Rosé is ” bled “: only the free-run juice from the first pressing of the grapes, goes to make this wine. Later, there is a sediment precipitation by cold temperature (6-8°C) during 36 h. Then only the clear juice is innoculated for the fermentation. That one during 20 days at low temperature, to protect the natural grapery aromas.

Food and wine :

Although ideally a Summer wine, the Syrah rosé can be drunk throughout the year and it is a delicious acompaniement for most meals.

Advice :

Not designed to be layed down for a long time. Drink and serve chilled at 10-12°C.

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